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Five Greek contemporary ceramicists 7-30 August 2016 Greece, Paxoi, Loggos old school.


Ilias Hristopoulos. Angelika Kogevina. Giannis Mamoutzis.
Haris Panousopoulos. Giorgos Vavatsis.

In the current exhibition we aim to show the variety of technique and styles that exist in contemporary Greek ceramics. Each of our artists brings to his work a distinctive personality expressed by shape, volume, color and the sculptural nature of most of the objects. The result is a set of ceramics that are expressive rather than just decorative, and that establish a dynamic dialogue with each other and the spaces of the exhibition.

**Side events: a slide lecture on contemporary Greek ceramics and a projection of a documentary on traditional Messenian jars from the Peloponnese, a lecture by Angelika Kogevina on how to decode ancient Greek vases and two workshops for adults and children on making ceramics by Ilias Hristopoulos and Angelika Kogevina.

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